Former Top NBA Draft Pick Greg Oden Visits Uptown Dive Bar

December 11, 2013 - 12:15 pm -

Greg Oden in Minnesota Celeb Sightings



Basketball players are notoriously flashy. What if though a player was the top pick in the NBA Draft and then failed to live up to that title; would they still be ballin’ out hard or have been humbled by it? Well to answer that question, Miami Heat’s Greg Oden was a disaster first pick, and where does he drink while on the road? Dive bars.


That’s right, Friday – the night before playing the Minnesota Timberwolves – Mister Oden swung by Country Bar in Uptown where he kicked back some draft beers and various fried appetizers. How he discovered the place is beyond our realm of knowledge, maybe the hotel concierge, but probably he followed a beautiful local baby there.


Side note, we fell for Oden too, thought for sure he should go #1 … Gotta stick with the Big 10, right?

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