Rubio’s Parents Settle for Second Row at Target Center

January 3, 2014 - 1:46 pm -

Ricky Rubio's Parents Esteve Rubio and Tona Vives in Twin Cities



If you fly over 4,000 miles to visit your professional basketball son in the arctic tundra of Minnesota for the holidays, you’d think that’d warrant courtside seats … For Minnesota Timbewolves’ Ricky Rubio‘s parents Esteve Rubio and Tona Vives that apparently is not the case.


The Spanish couple had to settle for second row for the Wolves 16th win of the season over the Pelicans on New Years Day in which their offspring dished nine assists and scored 14 points.


For a family that initially didn’t want to send their niño to the Twin Cities, this doesn’t seem like the correct way for the organization to host the couple. Then again, the folks that were running the team at that time are no longer around and really, what do we know? In Flip Saunders we trust.


Side note, that may or may not be RR’s sister Laia seated next to them; tough to tell by only the shiny hair …

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