Vikings’ John Sullivan Takes Ponder’s Lead, Lists Lake Minnetonka House

January 3, 2014 - 4:44 pm -

John Sullivan's Home in Minnesota on the Market


Alright, something is either happening over in the west-Metro or in the Minnesota Vikings locker room … And no, we’re not talking about Chris Kluwe‘s latest scorned love affair with the Twin Cities. Not but a few weeks after Vikings’ quarterback Christian Ponder – and wifey Sam Steele Ponder – listed their Lake Minnetonka home in late October, center John Sullivan listed his in mid-November.


Sullivan – who is the middle of a five year contract – as far as we know hasn’t promoted gay marriage or been benched for a mid-season replacement and he just bought the property in February 2012 for – the random ass price of – $1,902,770. (Which means at the asking price of $3,250,000 he is trying to cash in a cool profit of $1,347,230 based on the “whole house renovation” that has since took place. Whether or not he gets that remains to be seen, but we digress.) So why is he selling? This makes us much sense as an ocelot loose in Brainerd.


Now to the property which is located in the city of Woodland. It’s one of those classic Connecticut Colonial’s* – which is realtor terminology for drab and antiquated – that comes in at a massive 6,624 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms as well as a 3-car attached garage. The massive 3.5 acre property has direct Lake Minnetonka access and a whopping 590 feet of shoreline. Apparently too Sullivan recently added a new dock and boat slips.


It also features an unkept tennis court that makes the beat down facilities at Riverside Plaza look like Arthur Ashe Stadium. How it is a selling point is beyond us.


Back to the question though, why sell? John is a big man, but maybe the space is just too large for a single guy (though he has been known tool around town with former Notre Dame volleyball player Ashley Tarutis). Maybe he enjoys HGTV, saw a deal, got the place fixed up and wants to make some cash by flipping the thing. Maybe the soil around the lake is eroding. Maybe he is on the way out like the Metrodome. It’s all just speculation from us really, but the timing after the Ponders’ listing is just so damn peculiar … And we hate unsolved mysteries.


Seller: John Sullivan
Location: Woodland, MN
Price: $3,250,000
Size: 6,624 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms


*Of course John was born and raised in New England, so maybe this was a nostalgic purchase.

What do you think about Sullivan’s former colonial digs? Is this foreshadowing to his leaving the Vikings? Speculate your thoughts in the comments below, or don’t!

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